London is one of the most amazing and the biggest cities in the whole world so it is worth your attention and sightseeing properly. For example you should visit Woolwich – a district placed in a south east London which is perfectly connected with the rest of the city by buses and railways. The name of the district probably comes from Anglo-Saxon world which means “place where the wool is traded”. It is not proved, but probably it s a place where “wihes” lived. In the past, Woolwich was an independent city, but in the middle of 19th century it became a part of the metropolis. This area is especially worth visiting, because it has been inhabited since Iron Age. So you can find there traces of Rome sans Celtics. attractions in londonWe believe that it may be interesting especially for those who love ancient and Celtic mythologies. Through ages this city was an important point because of military and industrial reasons. The places like Woolwich Dockyard or Royal Arsenal are the main touristic attractions of the district. Moreover, this part of London will please these who are keen on architecture, because there is the longest façade in the city. This district is full pubs, restaurants and coffee shops, so if you are tired by knocking around, you can take a sit and relax with a cup of English tea. There’s nothing better than sitting and observing one of the most beautiful districts in London. For sure you will enjoy your time here.