During your stay in London you should go to the Winchmore District, because it is one of the most beautiful area in the town. The district is placed in north London and it is easily available due to the public communication (buses, railways). This part of the city must be counted in your schedule because it is one of the oldest in London. Winchmore had been inhabited long before the Rome invasion. There were living Celtic tribes and their traces can be noticed till today. The first mention about this area is dated to 14th century. The place was recorded in Old English and it probably means “Wynsige’s boundary hill”. This district has a historical value because of many monuments. First of all you have to spend some time in St Paul’s Church which is also known as a Waterloo Church. Its architecture is really amazing!

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Here there are buried many of famous people – and among them Luke Howard, who is called the modern meteorology’s father. Moreover, you can have a walk in one of the most areas – Grovelands Park. After a long day of knocking around you should go directly to Winchmore Green Hill, because in this part of the district there are the most famous and the oldest pubs in England. We suggest taking a sit in Green Dragon which is supposed to be the oldest. But if you prefer shopping, this place also offers something for you. You can find there a lot of shops with cloths, souvenirs and much more.