London is full of amazing places and district. So if you are planning our stay in this city you should consider sightseeing Woodford District, which is placed in the suburbs in north-western London. The first mentions about this little city comes from Domesday Book (11th century). The name of the place written in Old English and it means “ford in or by the wood”. It may sound strange, but it refers to the crossing of the River Roding, which eventually was replaced in 13th century by a bridge. Woodford was an independent village, but in the begging of 20th century it was joined to the London as one off its districts.

what to see in London

This place will especially pleased those who are fans of Depeche Mode, because there were living one of the founders of the group. Moreover, you can visit there a lot of historical monuments, because this area is one of the oldest in London. The connoisseurs of art will also find something interesting. For example, there is a monumental gothic church. Moreover, you can visit a house of Wilson Churchill, who were living there. This is a place where were living a lot of famous people, and among them: William Morris, James Hilton and much more. In the evening you should visit local restaurants and pubs. So if you want to feel like a real Englishman we suggest to take a sit in one of them and drink a cup of tea at five o’clock. It’s the best choice to relax yourself after a long sightseeing.