If you are planning your stay in London you should consider visiting Abbey Wood District, because it is one of the most beautiful in the whole town. This place will go down well with those who love being close to nature. It is very easy to get there because of very well public transport and national railway. The name of the district comes from Lesnes Abbey Woods which are placed to the east.

abbey wood districtThe district is quite old, because it was founded in 1178 by Richard de Luci, who were a Chief Justiciar of England (kind of Prime Minister in Middle Ages). In the past this area belonged to monks of Lesnes Abbey. Nowadays you can admire the ruins of the 12th-century abbey and the neighboring Lesnes Abbey Woods and Local Nature Reserve. One part of the Wood is under a special interest, because there are Paleogene fossils.

All fans of architecture and art will find something for themselves too. For example, they can visit All Angels Parish Church which is nowadays a hall of the main church St. Michael. This area is a perfect place for those who love long walks because there is a great number of parks and sports area. This is also a place connected with a lot of famous people. For example, Julius Francis, J Jonathan Harvey, William Morris. After a long day of sightseeing we suggest to visit one of local pubs or restaurants. There you will have a perfect opportunity to taste English tea or beer.